We provide all kinds of shipping services to our customers through a group of experienced and highly qualified staff in this field

Hajj & Umrah

We are honored to serve pilgrims and Umrah, and our main task is to facilitate all things related to their joy to perform the rituals with ease and comfort.

International Licennes

if you want to drive in the country you plan to travel to, Al shaheen will be glad to help you to get the driving license within the chosen county so that you can drive freely without any troubles.

Visa Service

We know that a visa is on the top of the requirements to be able to travel which may be difficult in some countries, however, don’t worry! As long as you are our customer, we have experts in everything related to getting the visa swiftly without getting you involved in this hassle.


If you are excited to go on a magnificent cruise and enjoy a new adventure, where the water around you for days, Al shaheen can guarantee you enjoying magnificent cruises on the most luxury steamship travelling around the world. Providing you with all the best accommodation services, besides entertaining activities will surely appeal to you. We promise you that you will be more than satisfied.

Honey Moon trips

Al shaheen gets down to the newly married couples to spend unforgettable honeymoon moments, this is why Al shaheen can offer you a variety of trips. There’s no need for newly married couple to think about honeymoon arrangements as long as our team arranges all the details to ensure that the two lovebirds enjoy spending special time in their memories forever


It is very important to choose carefully the hotel you will be staying in so that it should commensurate with your budget. Additionally, it should provide you with the best accommodation services supplied .AL Shaheen has partnerships with many hotels around the world, therefore, making it is easy for us to offer you superior accommodation at world-class hotels at exclusive prices.

Airline Tickets

Al shaheen can provide you with the airline tickets you need to travel anywhere around the world as we prevent you from dealing with the hassle of searching and comparing different airline offers. We promise to book your flights with the best international airlines, and we guarantee that you will be amazed by the affordable prices.