The CEO, Badawi Ahmed Shahin, is responsible for implementing the visions and policies set by the board of directors, which have been crowned with success over the years.
The board of directors and the CEO have always sought to develop the working mechanism in order for Al Shahin to become one of the leading companies in the tourism and travel field, offering a wide range of diverse services to customers seeking unique and exceptional travel experiences.
Al Shahin Tourism and Travel obtains extensive experience in the tourism and travel industry, starting from the management’s directives to select competent managers, as well as assembling an advanced team to achieve the business objectives. Al Shahin Tourism and Travel works on providing high-quality services and meeting the diverse needs of customers in both practical travel and leisure tourism. It builds sustainable relationships with business partners, suppliers, and customers to ensure a distinctive travel experience and customer satisfaction.
Thanks to the strategic and leadership vision of the executive management, Al Shahin for Tourism and Travel has strengthened its position as a leading company in the industry and contributed to the development of the tourism sector at the local and global levels.