Ticketing & Reservation

We arrange reservations and ticketing sevices for any destination. Our staff is ready to serve you round the clock, seven days a week, including holidays and public holidays.
We have strong business relationships with local and international associates and partners, making us a certified travel agency for numerous airlines.
Wherever you are, we are reachable through our booking website, or through our network of branches In & Out the Kingdom.
Our operations are supported by the latest certified international airline booking systems for reservations and ticketing for all international and domestic airlines.

Tourism Services

Our tourism services don’t end when the ticket is purchased and the accommodation is secured, but it goes further than that.
We also offer a wide range of tourism programs in unique and distinct destinations worldwide to suit the desires of our customers and their requirements, including travel, accommodation, visas, car rental, sightseeing tours, and more, all through our offices. We are known for the exclusive destination we offer at competitive prices and high-end services which also sets us apart in the travel and tourism market.

Domestic Tourism

Under the umbrella of the National Transformation Plan and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which indicated greatly the importance of supporting the tourism and entertainment sector and working to revive the ancient Arab and Islamic heritage and enable everyone to access it as a living witness to the ancient heritage of the Kingdom,
Al-Shahin Travel and Tourism aim to support what the Kingdom’s vision has adopted 2030 by participating in entertainment events, supporting and activating domestic tourism programs for all visitors to the Kingdom, and preparing internal programs and tours according to the controls and guidelines.

Car Rental

Our regional and international partnerships with car rental companies enable us to offer numerous car rental options at competitive pricing .
We provide the latest models and best options available, services contracts are available on a daily or longer-term basis.

Executive & VIP Programs

Al-Shahin Travel is keen to provide quality, rapid services for its business and VIP customers in order to meet their high standards and needs.
We are customers, ease, across our branches within the Kingdom and around the world.

Call Center

We have the capability to serve you through our call center and customer service centers 7/24.
It caters to all needs of travelers. The center’s skilled and experienced staffs attend to customers queries from any part of  world in both English and Arabic.

Air Charter

We provide aircraft leasing services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and internationally through a network of partners.
Alshahin is affiliated with a number of international and domestic airlines.

Visa Section

Work to issue, upon request, the required visas for your employees from all foreign embassies in Saudi Arabia and as per the requirements of each

Incentive Packages

We offer special programs called ‘Flight Incentive Programs’,which we have created for distinguished customers and corporate employees, bank employees.
The program includes arranging high standard airline reservation , accommodation , visas , transportation , trips , tariffs, conference rooms, and lectures at the best possible rates, in order to fully satisfy the needs and wants of our global customers.

Mice Within The Kingdom And Around The World

We offer all services related to organizing exhibitions and conferences for public and private entities, through our specialized partners who are experts in organizing official meetings.
Over the years we organized and managed conferences and meetings.
We offer additional services for processing visa applications, reception of guests, and booking accommodations

Medical Treatment & Recovery Travel Services

Al-Shahin Travel provides specialized medical services for health-care tourists and offers treatment programs for patients , as well as rehabilitation  programs for patients with special needs, etc.
This is done in collaboration with the world’s best clinics and specialized hospitals renowned for providing the finest services in Europe and the United States, alongside other international destinations.

Cargo Service

We offer all types of cargo services including land , sea and air if required .
Door – to – door services , domestically and internationally.
We can also offer pick-up (from any location inside or outside KSA), handling, packaging, and shipping services and deliver it to the final destinations.

Education Trips Services

Al-Shahin Travel advises your choice of private language teaching programs, to suit all ages, in the best and most prominent language teaching institutes, approved by their countries’ respective government education in their countries, and recognized by the most prestigious educational institutions globally.
The programs include visas, travel services, accommodation, health insurance, reception, and transportation.

Honeymoon Packages

We design special programs with honeymoon couples in mind, that include flights, transportation, accommodation, and tour services; all that enables a happier holiday, and the beginning of a happy life together.
We provide various options based on our customers’ taste , exceptional service at affordable prices.

Hajj & Umrah

We are honored to serve pilgrims and Umrah, and our main task is to facilitate all things related to their joy to perform the rituals with ease and comfort.

A sophisticated mobile app and booking engine “Flymein”

In order to benefit from all offers and agreements, an advanced and exclusive reservation engine has been created that guarantees the use of all travel, tourism, and commercial services and includes all the exclusive agreements that have been implemented with the airlines, hotel groups, and other services, and an engine is accessed through the password of our honored clients.